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Erich is a highly accomplished change agent with a diverse background in behavioral health, corporate training, and business consulting with a relentless focus on harnessing ‘The Power of a Healthy Culture.’ Renowned for his transformative work, he has earned the affectionate monikers of “The Street Psychologist” and “Minister of Morale” due to his ability to inspire and drive positive change.


Throughout his career, Erich has made a significant impact on countless individuals and teams, delivering engaging presentations and training sessions at regional and national conferences across the country. Currently, Erich thrives as an integral member of the Rebelution Healthcare team, where he collaborates with like-minded individuals in a stimulating and nurturing culture. 


As the founder of DoLifeBig Global, Erich engages in teaching and coaching on a range of impactful topics. These include “The Big Lie: How Society’s Relationship with Success & Failure is Damaging our Children,” “Goal Setting Made Easy,” “Deescalation by Means of Empowerment,” and “Compassion Fatigue.” Through these endeavors, he continues to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Erich cherishes his role as a proud parent of four children aged 21, 20, 13, and 9. Witnessing his two oldest children blossom into remarkable adults as they pursue their visions fills him with immense pride and joy. Drawing on his three decades of coaching experience, he relishes the opportunity to coach his youngest in baseball and basketball. Additionally, Erich assists his incredible wife, Autumn , coach their 13-year-old in club-level volleyball, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment.


Erich embodies a deep commitment to mental health advocacy, always seeking to positively impact individuals’ ‘fighting their fight’. By blending passion, expertise, and a nurturing spirit, he continues to be a driving force in promoting positive change and empowering those he encounters.