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What to expect on your First Visit

First Visit

On your first visit…

If this is your first visit to our office, we want you to feel like our family is your family. Our friendly staff will guide you through the entire process, answer all of your questions, and make sure that you are 100% comfortable before meeting with the doctor.

Be prepared! Paperwork

Feel free to download these forms and filling them in before coming in and save yourself about 15 mins during your first visit. Please remember to bring your insurance and identification information.

Office Tour and Consultation

We want everyone to feel at home here, so we will give you a quick tour of the office and get to know each other better.


During your consultation we will get to know who you are and what brought you in, we’ll review your paperwork, concerns, and health goals. You will get to know us as well as we discuss how principled chiropractic care can facilitate healing in your body and share information about nerve interference. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Rebelution Chiropractic and how we partner with you to improve your health by helping determine the cause of your health issues!

Assessment: We analyze the information…

We start by assessing the location and severity of the nerve interference in the body. We utilize Neurologic Diagnostic Testing to further determine the exact cause of your health concerns. Using our state of the art diagnostic equipment we are able to locate the root cause of any dysfunction within your body. These diagnostic scans that take place are painless. No pricking, poking, or prodding!


You may be asked to:

  • Bend back, forward, or sideways – misaligned vertebrae can be revealed during this test.
  • Perform specific orthopedic tests to determine the exact components involved in your health issues.
  • Grip test – Your grip strength is vital for showing signs of nerve or muscle damage.
  • Gait Analysis – This helps us determine if you have a normal walking pattern. Asymmetries or abnormalities in balance and alignment within your pelvis and spine can be seen during this assessment.
  • These assessments and exercises will provide vital information regarding your motor skills, balance, and gait.

X-rays and report of findings

When necessary, your posture-specific x-rays can be acquired in our state of the art X-ray suite which allows the doctors to analyze the exact structure of your spine and gives them helpful information to safely achieve your health goals. Our digital x-ray process is safe, specific and only takes a few minutes.


Your second visit with us is the important New Patient Orientation. The doctors present more information on your health, our technique, and give their best recommendations for you individually. We will review findings from your assessment and x-rays and discuss the doctor’s recommendations for care.


Finally, the fun stuff: You’ll receive your first adjustment! Chiropractic adjustments at Rebelution Chiropractic are gentle enough for children and specific enough to benefit any health condition.


Using information gathered from your first visit, we tailor a treatment plan that fits your body, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Start Living Life the Way it Was Meant to be Lived


Improving overall health helps regain your vitality for life and improves mood.

Medication and surgery do not have to be the answer any more.

Reducing pain allows you to get your active life back.

As your partner in health, we will help champion your health goals, reduce your stress, and allow your body to heal from the inside out!