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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Do you suffer from…

● Persistent knee discomfort
● Swelling or puffiness around the knee
● Difficulty bending or straightening the knee
● Aching or sharp pain when walking or climbing stairs
● Weird clicking or popping noises
● Missing family/life events because you are not walking well
● Unable to participate in sports or leisure activities
● Fear of not being able to get up once you get on the floor or sit down

Common causes of knee pain include…

● Wear and tear on knee joints
● Overuse injuries
● Poor biomechanics
● Injury
● Weight related stress
● Repeated surgeries
●  Active/competitive lifestyle 

We can help you REBEL against knee pain by…

● Decreasing inflammation
● Using a noninvasive approach
● Stabilizing your knee joints
● Using cutting edge technology
● Tissue regeneration therapy
● Targeted neuromuscular therapy to strengthen weak areas and improve range of motion 

As your partner in health, we will help champion your health goals, reduce your stress, and allow your body to heal from the inside out!